Munich fetes Malkovich, Iosseliani

Thesp, director to receive CineMerit award

COLOGNE — John Malkovich and writer-director Otar Iosseliani will be honored with the CineMerit award of the Munich Film Fest this year.

The award is bestowed for “extraordinary contributions to motion pictures as an art form.”

Fest topper Andreas Stroehl told Variety that Malkovich is a perfect fit for the award, which aims to reward those who value “high standards over glamour.”

“He is a sophisticated personality who has made an excellent choice of roles,” he said.

Malkovich will receive the kudos on June 27 from German thesp Veronica Ferres, who appeared with him in painter biopic “Klimt.”

Iosseliani will be honored on July 7 at the screening of his quasi-autobiography “Chantrapas,” with Berlin-based Georgian director Dito Tsintsadze to deliver a speech.

After several years of filmmaking in his home country Georgia, Iosseliani moved to Paris and become known for pics such as “Les favoris de la lune” (Favorites of the Moon).

“He is the last of the old grand masters of surreal-humoristic cinema,” Stroehl said.