MTV hooks up with ‘Catfish’

Cabler in development on pilot based on docu

MTV and RelativityReal are developing a reality show based on the docu “Catfish.”

The docu that made a splash at the Sundance fest last year centered on Gotham photographer Nev Schulman, who travels to Michigan to meet a woman he met on Facebook. It turns out the woman is not who she claims she is, and the two have an awkward encounter when finally meeting face to face.

Cabler’s pilot is still in its early stages, but would likely focus on social network users who purposely misidentify themselves and the repercussions that occur. The creative team from “Catfish” would be involved in the project.

MTV has also given a 12-episode series order to “The Inbetweeners, which, like “Skins,” is a British import. Skein stars Joey Pollari, Bubba Lewis, Zack Pearlman and Mark L. Young as high school students floating somewhere in the social status between the cool kids and the geeks.

Kapital Entertainment produces.