Meltdown on the court

HBO sports unveils tennis docu

Less than a week after Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal added another chapter to their historic rivalry at the French Open, HBO preemed a docu based on a pair of their antecedents, Bjorn Borg and John McEnroe. Though the mercurial Borg was not in attendance, McEnroe and HBO Sports prexy Ross Greenburg presented “McEnroe/Borg: Fire and Ice” at the SVA Theater on June 7. It was the first time McEnroe had seen a cut.

Ever competitive, McEnroe admitted he was concerned, because the last three HBO docus he’d seen — about Larry Bird and Magic Johnson; Vince Lombardi; and, most recently, Bobby Fischer — were all so good. Afterward, the obstreperous boy from Queens finally had no complaints. “I wanna thank HBO for, in my opinion, doing a fantastic job — way better than those other docs, way better,” he said in his particular tone of half-seriousness.