One of the highlights of this year’s Emmy broadcast was the moment when the comedy lead actress nominees were being introduced, and Amy Poehler of “Parks and Recreation” took it upon herself to walk on stage before the winner was announced. Soon following were the other nominees in the category, each doing a little comedy bit, including eventual winner Melissa McCarthy.

“I heard it first through Martha (Plimpton), but I think she said, “Amy’s got an idea,’” McCarthy said backstage. “Amy Poehler thinks something funny, I’ll do it.”

A winner in her first year, McCarthy reflected on getting the job and on exec producer Chuck Lorre’s support.

“This is my first lead, and I think there was some trepidation,” McCarthy said. “I think that’s a big line to cross. I don’t think it was like ‘Oh, of course – put her in the lead.’

“I think (Lorre) dug his heels in … and fought for me.”