“Mad Men” showrunner Matthew Weiner likes his Emmys as much as he is surprised by them, which made his reaction to tying the record for most drama series Emmys with four an overwhelmed one.

“I have not absorbed that,” Weiner said backstage at the Nokia. “I’m a huge fan of television -– it’s hard to comprehend that we’re in that company.

“I heard a lot more of ‘we loved the show last year, but you’re not gonna win,'” Weiner said of his expectations going into tonight’s kudofest. “I was disheartened, but we can’t go on forever, and we keep doing the same work whether we win or not.”

“Mad Men” did absorb several Emmy losses Sunday, including Weiner himself to Jason Katims of “Friday Night Lights” for drama writer. Weiner said it’s par for the course.

“Jason’s a great writer; I’m thrilled that he won the award,” Katims said. “No one expects any of this. I’m looking at what I think is the greatest cast of television and we were shut out (of the acting awards), but we won this award, so things balance out.”