Mark Burnett allies with new TV net

YouToo venture incorporates user content

Veteran TV producer Mark Burnett is partnering with a new TV network that allows its viewers to become the programming by posting video of themselves online.

Youtoo TV will get a boost from hundreds of shorts that will be produced by Burnett-backed production company VIMBY. The “Survivor” producer is also considering taking a stake in the network, which rebranded a cable channel in 15 million homes formerly known as ALN.

“As a TV producer, I love nothing more than finding the next big thing,” said Burnett. “Now, Youtoo is paving the way for social TV, which is the next generation of television.”

Youtoo TV is a mix of syndicated programming including “The X-Files” and homemade 15-second video shorts known as “fame spots” that can be shot and uploaded on air by viewers at Youtoo.com. Footage can make it to TV in a matter of minutes, but is first screened for copyright infringement or objectionable material.

Youtoo TV estimates as many as 500 user-generated shorts can run on air per day. The venture also intends to license the technology powering the user uploads to other networks that could incorporate interactive features into their own programming.