Levy explores new digs in ABC’s ‘Suburgatory’

TV's Top 10: New Faces for Fall - Jane Levy

With apologies to Fox and Zooey Deschanel, Jane Levy, star of ABC’s “Suburgatory,” is definitely this season’s new girl. She’s so new, in fact, she’s still learning the ins and outs of interviews.

“I never did a phone meeting before,” apologizes Levy, still oblivious to the term “phoner.” “I’ve been putting together my apartment and losing my brain.”

Not likely. Levy is the sharpest blade in the pointed single-camera comedy of “Suburgatory,” playing a chillin’ Manhattan teen uprooted by single dad Jeremy Sisto to the status-happy pleasantries of upstate suburbs. There she drops sarcastic zings not only on the pink-clad locals, but also to viewers in ironic narration making her the series’ voice.

“This was my second job,” says Levy, who grew up in Marin County, Calif., well-prepared for performing. “I definitely had my hand in, like, every pocket” during school, from the hip-hop dance team to soccer to community theater, crossing among the kinds of cliques seen on “Suburgatory.”

“I was one of those floaters,” she says. “It was good for learning about playing different parts.”

When she hit town last year after studying in New York, Levy says, “I was really lucky, and within a couple weeks I had ‘Shameless,’ ” guesting on William H. Macy’s Showtime dramedy as a trampy teen vixen.

” ‘Shameless’ was shot so free,” Levy says, “and ‘Suburgatory’ is the complete opposite. For the first time in my life, I had to hit marks, which is the most basic, technical thing you have to know as an actor. Everything’s so new to me. I’m still getting used to it.”