When Jim Parsons won the comedy lead actor Emmy in 2010, it was amid a lack of Academy love for the rest of his “Big Bang Theory” cast and crew. This time around, with nominations ranging from comedy series to a lead actor nom for co-star Johnny Galecki, Parsons could revel in the companionship.

“I did enjoy this year leading up to it more than last year,” Parsons said. “Maybe it was because last year having won, but I think it was more because (with) the show being nominated and Johnny being nominated, there were a lot more people involved in the process. … It was a much more party atmosphere leading up to it this year.

Parsons said he and Galecki touched base in the morning before coming down to the Nokia.

“We did text today, and he mentioned to me that it was a butterfly-making day,” Parsons said, “ and he’d been off and on the treadmill several times — not to give away his secrets. I happened to do an elliptical this morning, and that helped me.”

And it wouldn’t be TV in 2011 without being asked about Charlie Sheen, who presented the award to Parsons.

“He just congratulated me and said that’s awesome,” Parsons said. “It was that sweet and that banal, I’m afraid. I wish I had something more lurid to say.”