Hochberg Ebersol Co. takes off

New shingle has projects at TNT, History

Newly launched banner the Hochberg Ebersol Co., from producing partners Justin Hochberg and Charlie Ebersol, already has two pilots in place.

Shingle has “The Great Escape” set up at TNT, with Bertram Van Munster (“The Amazing Race”), Ron Howard and Brian Grazer also exec producing.

At History, the pair have “Off the Grid: Million Dollar Manhunt” set for a Dec. 8 debut at 11 p.m. If the special performs well, History topper Nancy Dubuc could conceivably upgrade “Manhunt” to a series. Show will drop an ordinary person into a major metropolitan city; if they can not be found in one day by representatives from orgs expert in tracking — think Navy SEALs, NSA and other governmental agencies — they win $1 million.

Hochberg Ebersol Co. is also looking to venture into scripted fare as well as branded entertainment.

“We’ve sat down with the networks and asked what they are looking for, assuming they could do anything,” said Ebersol, the son of former longtime NBC Sports topper Dick Ebersol. “We are sometimes shocked with what they come back with, but we can end up selling a show in an area where the networks haven’t been prepared to go into yet.”

Hochberg Ebersol Co. is funded by LANCO, a global infrastructure conglomerate.