History has given greenlights to three new series covering jousting, inventions and American economic history.

“Invention USA,” from T Group Prods., seeks out the next big thing from amateur inventors; “Full Metal Jousting,” from Pilgrim Films & TV, takes the medieval sport into the 21st century, and “United Stats of America,” from Left/Right Prods., tells the story about the country through data and graphics.

History is also developing as a special event “The Men Who Built America,” focusing on people who transformed the U.S. into an economic force after the Civil War.

Three other specials are on tap: “History of the World in Two Hours,” from Flight 33 Prods.; “9/12: The Day After,” from New Animal Prods.; and “Vietnam in HD,” from Lou Reda Prods.

History ranks among the top-five cablers in ratings for adults and men 18-49 and 25-54. History’s “Pawn Stars” is cable’s No. 1 show in 25-54.

“Unlike our competitors, who rely largely on sports and off-network programming, History has catapulted to the top on the strength of all original programming,” said prexy-g.m. Nancy Dubuc.