Hay House TV shops anthology to nets

Short films based on self-help and metaphysical fare

Hay House publishing, best known for its self-help fare, is breaking into the TV and movie biz.

Its newly created television shingle has produced anthology skein “Tales of Everyday Magic,” a series of four 50-minute short films that it is hoping to sell to a broadcast or cable network. If picked up, the series order would likely expand.

Filming on the four shorts — “Painting the Future,” “My Greatest Teacher,” “Magic Hand of Chance” and “Entanglement” — has already been completed. Each is in post-production.

Reid Tracy, president and CEO of Hay House, serves as exec producer. Michael Goorjian is head of production.

Goorjian, who is also an actor and director and helmed all four shorts, said, “I believe there is a very large audience that is interested in movies that have a message or meaning to them,”

He said he got the idea for the anthology after watching “The Decalogue,” a series of one-hour films based on the 10 Commandments. He also directed the 2004 Kirk Douglas starrer “Illusion,” which drew the attention of Hay House.

Hay House, which is launching a separate film division, has a catalog that includes 900 books and 40 million total products that focus on metaphysical and spiritual awareness.