Already digesting the show’s pending midseason hiatus, “Community” showrunner Dan Harmon isn’t exactly thrilled about how NBC is promoting Thursday’s Christmas episode, “Regional Holiday Music” (an episode that is wonderfully vintage “Community,” by the way). From Harmon’s Twitter feed Tuesday:

If you’d like to view half of this week’s episode, NBC has dumped it online in pieces as if it was so much garbage. Merry Christmas.

@MasonMaguire yeah, I’ll try apologizing for them and kissing their ass in every interview for another 2 years. IT’S THIS CLOSE TO WORKING.

Yes. A zero budget buzz. A media blitz requiring everything but investment. RT @pounypoune I think they just wanted to create a buzz…

However, on his blog a few days ago, Harmon shared some positive thoughts about the show’s on-air future.

… I am very optimistic about this situation with Community. Not in a naive, let’s-think-positive-because-we-may-as-well way. I am optimistic in a shrewd, practical, look at the situation and place the bet you’d place if you were betting your life way. I think the most thorough, informed and incidentally optimistic analysis of our situation was in the AV Club article to which I am too lazy to link here, but you can find it by googling, it’s called “eight reasons community might come back” or something. If it’s self deluded bullshit, it’s the type that really goes the distance to suspend your disbelief. It worked on me. …