France Televisions Distribution, the international sales arm of the Gallic pubcaster, has inked video-on-demand pacts with Sony and Hulu.

The Hulu deal will allow FTD to make its programs available to subscribers in the U.S., while its pact with Sony covers North America and Europe. Nathalie Bobineau, topper of international sales at FTD, said the company would share ad revenue with both partners but did not disclose financial details.

Although we have closed sales deals with North American groups such as NatGeo and Discovery Channel from time to time, the U.S. and Canadian markets have proved difficult to penetrate,” Bobineau said. “So we figured we had to adapt to their way of functioning with partners like Hulu and Sony. Both platforms are great gateways to these markets and give us the opportunity to highlight our offer of French programs and boost our brand image overseas.”

The deals include select drama series, notably hit literary adaptations “Chez Maupassant,” as well as docus and toons. They do not cover titles that have already been acquired by U.S. nets, such as two-part docu “Apocalypse: Hitler,” picked up by National Geographic.

The non-exclusive pacts run for three years. The partners will evaluate the situation after a year. “We’re in a testing phase,” Bobineau said.