Football, tech toys fill Velocity slate

Guy-centric lifestyle cabler partners with NFL

Discovery Communications’ new guy-centric lifestyle cabler Velocity has programmed its fall slate, and the words of the day are “football” and “Wednesday.”

The network is partnering with the NFL on “NFL Single Coverage” and “Greatest NFL Rivalries,” set to air Wednesday at 8 p.m. and 8:30 p.m., respectively, with previews on Sept. 20th. The two shows are produced by NFL Films in association with Intersport and the network — “Single Coverage” will explore key NFL games in depth; “Rivalries” will follow teams and atheletes through the heat of competition. The net has ordered eight episodes of each.

Also new to the net is Revera Entertainment’s “Tech Toys,” which focuses on the latest gadgets, ranging from high-end watches to helicopters. Series will air after Velocity’s football block on Weds. at 9 p.m.

Velocity topper Bob Scanlon said that the net had a very specific demo in mind with its new programming: “The psychographic on this population is that they’re college-educated, often postgrad educated, with 150K+ income, and they have a lot of responsibilities outside their work, which means that they’re pressed for time.”

To that end, Scanlon said Velocity will be experimenting with short-form programming and branching out into new categories. “We’re looking at adventure travel, luxury travel, and food — a search-for-the-best-single-malt-scotch kind of one off.” But the net’s mantra, Scanlon said, is “just the facts.” “There’s no people throwing wrenches or food at each other.

Valocity, formerly HD Theater, will officially launch at 7 p.m. on Oct. 4th and will target an upscale male viewership in much the same way Bravo courts high-earning female viewers.

Much of the net’s auto category is held over from HD Theater — custom-car skein “Inside West Coast Customs” will carry over from HD Theater, as will “Mecum Auto Auctions,” “Chasing Classic Cars,” “What’s My Car Worth,” and “Motorweek.”