The Film Europe Channel, dedicated to screening only European pics, has launched to subscribers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, with a goal of going continent-wide, said Film Europe Media Co. founder and CEO Ivan Hronec.

The channel will show up to 500 European films annually in their original version with subtitles 24 hours a day, seven days a week, without advertisements. It will broadcast in SD via satellite, with an HD option using fiber-optic cable.

“We will offer viewers film productions not only from the traditionally strong countries like the U.K., France, Italy, Poland and Russia, but also from smaller countries, such as Portugal, Denmark, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Austria and even Liechtenstein,” Hronec said. The film “Paris je t’aime,” co-produced by Liechtenstein, aired symbolically as the channel’s first film on Thursday.

Film Europe Media has launched 10 TV channels across Europe since the company was founded six years ago. The company is privately owned, built without government subsidies, Hronec said.

In Slovakia and the Czech Republic, project partners for the new channel are the satellite platform Skylink, M7 Group and Slovak Telecom, which will be an exclusive partner in the beginning for IPTV. Slovak Telecom will include the channel as part of its satellite package. Slovak Telecom also will include films from Film Europe in its VOD service, Magio.