Solar power and recycled carpet fibers will be in the Emmy spotlight on Sunday as part of Fox and the TV Acad’s efforts to make the ceremony considerably more eco-friendly than it has been in the past.

Fox and the TV Acad are using solar panels to provide the power used by all those screaming photogs and others who will line the entryway to the Nokia Theater. The 390-foot red carpet itself is made from 25,000 square feet of locally sourced recycled carpet made in a factory about 16 miles away from downtown L.A. All of the lighting will come from low-energy LED and fluorescent bulbs, of course, which will use only about 20% of the power sucked in by conventional lighting sources.

After the Emmys, the solar panels will be donated to Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles for use in its home-building efforts. The carpet will be donated to the Ronald McDonald House in Long Beach and to Habitat for Humanity.

Among the other green initiatives for the Emmycast:

n All signage is printed with water-based inks on biodegradable materials.

n Bicycles will replace golf carts for staff and crew members whizzing around the venue.

n All of the chow served backstage will be locally grown and organic, from chef Alan Jackson of Lemonade. All of the plates, cups and utensils are reusable. – — Cynthia Littleton