The Los Angeles Dodgers will move their radio broadcasts from KABC 790 AM to KLAC 570 beginning next season as part of a three-year deal with Clear Channel Communications.

Move puts the team on an all-sports station for the first time in years. Before returning to current-events talker KABC in 2008 after an 11-year absence, the Dodgers were on news station KFWB 980 AM from 2003-07.

Though the team’s radio future was quietly resolved, its TV fate remains up in the air and integral to the ongoing legal battles over the Dodgers’ ownership. A four-day federal bankruptcy court hearing set to begin Oct. 31 will explore, among other issues, whether the Dodgers will be allowed to auction off their post-2013 TV rights despite Fox having exclusive negotiating rights to the Dodgers through November 2012. Fox sued the Dodgers Sept. 27 to stop the proposed early TV rights sale.