Discovery Fit and Health sets slate

Rebranded net has plenty in development

Recently rebranded net Discovery Fit & Health is set to launch new skein “My Secret Body” as part of a robust development slate.

Half-hour series will follow individuals with secret physical disorders or disfigurements and how they embrace their conditions. Net has ordered 12 episodes and will launch “Body” later in the year.

Cabler also announced that it will go forward with eight hourlong episodes in a second season for “I’m Pregnant and …,” which will debut in 2011. Show centers on pregnant women experiencing dire circumstances such as HIV diagnosis, homelessness, drug addiction and hoarding disorder.

Network president-g.m. Laura Michalchyshyn also announced six series in development:

• “Dr. Hunter Investigates” looks at the different ways people die;

• “Psychos Among Us” examines how families come to realize they may have a killer in their midst;

• “In-Law Files” centers on situations where antics by the in-laws make them the most stressful part of a couple’s relationship;

• “Premonition” looks at how a woman’s mind works and how their hunches and intuitions can turn into reality;

• “Sex Drive” asks strangers to reveal their sexual issues in the back of a car;

• “Early Intervention” discusses how important the intervention process is for families dealing with addiction.

“When we launched Discovery Fit & Health last month, our goal was to take the health genre to the next level,” Michalchyshyn said. “The projects we’re greenlighting and developing offer the unpredictable and compelling human drama that our audience expects.”

Morning programming includes fitness shows that are a carryover from FitTV, which was dissolved when Discovery Fit and Health was launched Feb. 1. Discovery Health ended its run Jan. 1, when it was rebranded as Oprah Winfrey Network.