BBC Worldwide’s psychological thriller “Mad Dogs” and sci-fi drama “Outcasts” have found a berth on DirecTV Latin America.

Sale of the first and second seasons of “Mad Dogs” and of “Outcasts” took place at the three-day BBC Showcase Latin America in Rio de Janeiro.

“Mad Dogs” is a four-part skein that tracks a group of friends whose holiday at a pal’s luxury villa in Majorca, Spain, turns into a nightmare of deceit and murder. “Outcasts,” set in 2045, follows intrepid explorers who leave Earth for a newly discovered planet in a distant galaxy.

“We’ve partnered with DirecTV Latin America for drama programming in the past for popular titles, such as ‘Jekyll’ and ‘Life on Mars,’ and I’m excited to see that our content is resonating with their audiences,” said Helen Jurado, VP of television sales and distribution, BBC Worldwide Latin America.

DirecTV reaches 10.6 million viewers in Latin America and the Caribbean.

BBC Showcase Latin America ended on Tuesday.