1) Starz freshman drama “Boss” heads into its season finale Friday coming off an intense episode last week. The Kelsey Grammer starrer has had some bumps along the way, but Grammer’s performance as Chicago mayor Tom Kane has never been anything less than riveting, the intimate directing style is largely winning, and the many plot twists have largely held up. (I say largely with a nod to some moments of preposterous violence and laughably-timed sex, including one involving Hannah Ware, who plays Kane’s daughter, that ranks among the cringiest scenes I’ve seen all year.)
Showtime’s “Homeland” has overshadowed “Boss” all fall among pay cable’s new series, not without reason — overall, it’s a richer feast. Audience numbers for “Boss” (a combined 631,000 viewers tuned in for two airings of Friday’s episode), in fact, have had people wondering whether the Starz will renege on the commitment it made to a second season.
While the DVR allows us to reschedule our TV watching to our hearts’ content (memory capacity willing), another product of the modern age serves as a wait-and-watch deterrent: the virtual watercooler.
No, few of us may take the time anymore to actually stand by a Sparkletts dispenser and talk about last night’s smallscreen gems and germs, but many of us do want to be part of the conversation about our favorite shows — a conversation that’s taking place on Twitter, Facebook and in the comments of blogs hither and you. By waiting a day or more to watch shows, you miss out.