ROME — Italian TV exec Ilaria Dallatana is the new CEO of Zodiak Media Group Southern Europe, replacing Giorgio Gori who stepped down in November to go into politics.

Dallatana is a former managing director of Magnolia, the prominent content factory active in Italy and Spain, which she co-founded with Gori.

Magnolia, which brought “Celebrity Survivor” to Italians, was acquired by Italo multimedia conglom De Agostini in 2007, the same year it purchased Zodiak Entertainment, the global entertainment powerhouse that is now Zodiak Media Group, after its acquisition of RDF USA in 2010.

Concurrently, Zodiak Media Group CEO David Frank has been appointed prexy of Magnolia and CEO of Zodiak Media Group Latin America, the unit launched in April that targets Hispanic auds in the U.S., as well as Brazil, Mexico, Colombia and other territories in Southern and Central America.

Both these titles were previously held by Gori.

Zodiak’s top properties include “Wife Swap” and “The Secret Millionaire.” They are also distributors of mega Euro mini “Titanic: Blood and Steel,” financed by a consortium led by Italy’s De Angelis Group.