There’s no college alumni group in showbiz that is more focused on networking and mentoring than the folks at Harvardwood.

The org has sponsored film and TV writing development programs for several years that bring recent grads together with alums who are well established in showbiz. Two years ago, the program took on a more defined structure with applicants selected on the basis of writing samples.

Last year, program organizers recruited 17 industry insiders to evaluate original pilot scripts penned by the 24 participants. After much consideration, the program has released its list of what it dubs “Harvardwood’s Most Staffable TV Writers” — eight scribes who have indicated they have the goods to be a staff writer or producer on a series (a few of them already are on shows).

Drumroll please — Harvardwood’s most likely to succeed are: Jonathan Bird, Katherine Boutry, Emmylou Diaz, Teresa Hsiao, Allison Kiessling, James C. Oliver, Loni Sosthand and Eric Trueheart.

Each of the eight scribes will be paired with an alumni mentor to help further guide their careers. Mentors on board include Neal Baer, Sam Baum, Carlton Cuse, Marjorie David, Brant Rose, Nell Scovell and Nicky Weinstock.