BEIJING — China’s media regulator the State Administration of Radio, Film and TV has banned espionage and police TV shows until after the July 1 celebration of the 90th anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party.

Among banned skeins are “Qing Mang,” which runs on Tianjin TV, Zhejiang TV and Dragon TV; a new skein by Hai Yan on Jiangsu TV called “Never Close the Eyes” and “Black List.”

Producers say that they have been told their shows will air after July, and reportedly SARFT and various pubcasters are currently meeting to discuss scheduling.

The bans are linked to a “Red Youth Season,” which will celebrate the anniversary of the Marxist Leninist giant.

There will be gala performances, two Red TV shows about the history of the Communist Party, including the patriotic “My Youth in Yan’an,” and other offerings.

Chief among them is helmers Sanping Han and Jianxin Huang’s epic, “The Founding of a Party,” starring John Woo, Andy Lau and Wei Tang, which is due to be released on June 15.

The pic is expected to make major waves at the Chinese box office after the huge success of “Founding of a Republic,” a tribute to the 1949 revolution, which was the top performing Chinese movie two years ago, taking in $61 million.

It’s also a high-profile blast of nationalism at a time when the Chinese biz is booming, taking in $1.5 billion at the box office last year.

However, a quota system aimed at restricting foreign movies in the market and keeping a firm grip on matters of ideology makes China a notoriously tough market for Hollywood to crack.