CBS News reviving interview show

Charlie Rose and Lara Logan to co-host 'Person to Person'

CBS is reviving its venerable Edward R. Murrow-created interview series “Person to Person,” with Charlie Rose and veteran foreign affairs journo Lara Logan co-hosting.

The program, exec produced by Susan Zirinsky and Judy Tygard, will debut on Wednesday, Feb. 8 at 8 p.m. and is expected to air on an occasional basis. It will be “about original reporting on extraordinary people,” according to news division prexy David Rhodes. “Charlie and Lara are the perfect team to carry forward this storied franchise.”

“Person to Person” will include many of the original show’s trappings. Rose, who recently joined the net’s morning show, and Logan will interview public figures in their homes, as Murrow did, and will allow guests to lead the discussions. The net said in a release Thursday that “Person to Person” would make the conversation its primary focus in an effort to distinguish the series from other newsmags and interview shows.