CBS is giving Angelenos a chance to outwit, outplay and outlast with its first 5K Reality Mud Run on Sept. 10 in Orange County.

The course at Oak Canyon Park in Silverado includes massive amounts of mud as well as various obstacles where participants must crawl under nets and climb up man-made hills, all guaranteed to leave participants racing for a shower afterward.

CBS execs decided they wanted to become more involved and created their own team for Stand Up 2 Cancer, which was founded by entertainment, media and philanthropic leaders. Past contestants from “Survivor,” “Big Brother” and “The Amazing Race” are among the racers.

“Two years ago (‘Survivor’ winner) Ethan Zohn got cancer and Jenn Lyon (another ‘Survivor’ alum) passed away a year and a half ago, and at that point it became very apparent to me that we needed to do something official,” said executive vice president of CBS Marketing, Anne O’Grady.

Thus was born the celebrity interactive mud run. CBS is partnering with Around the World Productions for the event, which was founded by former “Survivor” contestant Burton Roberts.

“A mud run was perfect because it gets people out of their comfort zone, but it’s also very doable and its fun,” Burton said. A percentage of each ticket will be donated to “Survivor’s” Stand Up 2 Cancer team and will directly benefit the org. More than 1,000 already signed up and CBS’ goal is to raise $50,000, per O’Grady.

The Eye will make a donation to the event and Stand Up 2 Cancer will have a booth at the run where participants can donate directly to the org, which funds scientists and institutions that conduct intensive research for cures.

“It’s exactly what CBS is doing that enables this work to continue,” said Tom Chiodo, senior VP of Stand Up 2 Cancer.

While the run will not appear on episodes of “Survivor,” “Big Brother” or “The Amazing Race,” KCBS will record the event for a webisode. The run is open to both teams, for those who want to run alongside their friends, as well as individuals who want to take on the course solo. 7Up, which also sponsors “Survivor,” also supports.