Canada’s Space to spin off ‘Primeval’

Brit series followup to be set in North America

Brit drama series “Primeval” is hopping the pond to Canada, for the spinoff “Primeval: New World.”

U.K.-based Impossible Pictures, which originally produced “Primeval” for ITV, will remain on board for “Primeval: New World” with the addition of Canadian sci-fi, horror and fantasy broadcaster Space and Canada’s Omni Film Prods. Production will begin in Vancouver this winter though cast and other details haven’t been announced.

Like it’s predecessor, one-hour drama “New World” follows a team of scientists as they battle prehistoric and futuristic creatures, and investigate rips in the thread of time, but will be set in North America.

“It’s older, darker and scarier than the U.K. series, and the fantastic backdrop of the Pacific Northwest make this series a real evolution from the original. Alongside an exciting new cast will be recognizable faces, a bigger budget and, of course, plenty of carnivorous and ferocious CG creatures,” said Katie Newman, who will exec produce for Impossible; Gabriela Schonbach for Omni Film Prods.

The original “Primeval” was created by BBC’s prehistoric creature expert and “Walking With Dinosaurs” creator Tim Haines.