Bruce Nash’s modern marvel

Brucenash A 500-episode idea can come out of nowhere. Just ask Bruce Nash, the prolific producer whose many TV credits include the cable staple that is “Modern Marvels.”

Nash created the unscripted series in 1994. After a brief run on A&E Network, it’s been a staple of History’s daytime and primetime sked. Earlier this year, the show logged its 500th episode, prompting Nash (pictured left) to remember his visit to the St. Louis’ Gateway Arch that inspired the concept.

It happened while Nash was on a book promotion tour in 1986. During his stop in St. Louis, he visited the riverfront architectural wonder that commemorates Thomas Jefferson and the westward expansion of the U.S.

“Inside the arch they had a documentary about the men and women who sacrificed to build this amazing architectural achievement. I was so moved by it I wrote down ‘modern marvels’ on a slip of paper and put it in my pocket,” Nash recalls.