MADRID — Boomerang TV Group (GBTV) is teaming with broadcaster Antena 3 TV to produce “Toledo,” one of a welter of higher-end historical drama series now emerging from Spain.

Set in 13th-century Toledo, a city south of Madrid settled by Christians, Jews and Moors, the 13-part drama turns on the fortunes of one family after its Moorish conquest, featuring the uneasy peace between Christians and Moors and an — in religious terms — across-the-tracks love affair.

In a further move into period drama, GBTV has initiated production on “El tiempo entre costuras,” a six-seg epic miniseries for broadcast net Antena 3, in which a young seamstress discovers love and is embroiled in espionage in 1940s Tetuan, a Spanish enclave in Morocco.

“Costuras” will air early 2012.

GBTV is working with Telemundo on a local U.S. version of Spanish youth series “Physics or Chemistry,” GBTV’s having completed six seasons and 80 episodes in Spain.

The adaptation will air on the U.S. Hispanic network from January or February, said Maria Garcia-Castrillon, head of sales and fiction acquisitions.

A candid look at school students, includes liberal doses of sex, drug abuse and even a teacher-student relationship.

But it was precisely this frankness that attracted Telemundo, Garcia-Castrillon said.

A “Physics” redo has already played on Russia’s CTC. GBTV is now closing deals for retreads in Turkey, France and Germany, according to Garcia-Castrillon.

“If you want to move into international fiction format sales, you really need four-to-five seasons to make a series suitable for adaptation,” she said. “Physics” has broadcast in 10 countries over the last decade.

GBTV is also moving into international co-production with cop miniseries “Imposter.”

Turning on an undercover officer’s attempts to infiltrate a drug cartel, “Imposter” is set up at Mediaset Espana’s Telecinco in Spain and Rome-based Boomerang TV Italia.

Boomerang is now trying to tie down an Italian broadcast partner, said Garcia-Castrillon.

After a strategic review and corporate restructuring that started in 2009, Boomerang is focusing on light entertainment and fiction production — plus international growth.

GBTV set up Boomerang TV Italia this year.

“Our goal is to try to establish companies all around the world,” Garcia-Castrillon told journalists.

She said fiction production company Ida y Vuelta will disappear as a label, being folded into Boomerang TV.

3iGroup (40%), Andino Peninsular (24%) and GBTV management (36%) own the company.