There seems to be a little more spirit in the showbiz’s holiday season celebrations this year, and that’s a good sign that bizzers are feeling optimistic about a prosperous year ahead.

Judging by an informal survey of Variety staffers, there’s been a noticeable increase over the past few years in the number of holiday parties, receptions and sundry get-togethers, whether large-scale company affairs or private gatherings by individuals eager to toast friends and colleagues at Soho House, MyHouse, Palihouse or even their own house.

While the face-time festivities are definitely on the rise, there’s no doubt the old-fashioned holiday card market continues to be on the skids, and even the ecard volume seems down a bit this year. But for the third year in a row, 20th Century Fox TV toppers Gary Newman and Dana Walden killed with their comedic video ecard, this time featuring the rambunctious talents of the “Sons of Anarchy” posse.

That traditionalist, Chuck Lorre made merry with his annual mailing, this time gently referencing the very public trauma he suffered in spring. Ever the naughty schoolboy, Craig Ferguson sent out a photo card with a salty holiday sentiment that is definitely not in the Hallmark canon.

Carolines on Broadway strung together a series of uplifting one-liners from comics on what the holidays should bring. Among them: “A new man for Demi Moore who doesn’t cheat or tweet,” “an Occupy Citifield movement to save the Mets” and “Comedy Central obtaining the rights to broadcast all future Republican debates.” Hear hear.