BBCW takes six to Mip-TV

Formats include 'House,' 'Junior Doctors,' 'Farmer's Life'

LONDON — BBC Worldwide will be selling six new formats at MipTV in Cannes, which unspools April 4.

They are “The House That Made Me,” “Junior Doctors: Your Life in Their Hands,” “Toughest Place to Be,” “Generation Gap,” “Cook Off” and “A Farmer’s Life for Me.”

“The House That Made Me” is made by Jane Root’s Nutopia and depicts celebs’ reactions as they come face-to-face with a recreation of their childhood home.

“Junior Docs” follows seven newly qualified medics during their first four months on the wards of a busy city hospital.

“Toughest Place to Be” features people with ordinary jobs who are displaced to some of the most extreme environments on earth to work alongside locals.

Love Prods.’ “Generation Gap” focuses on young people who volunteer for work in a care home for the elderly.

“Cook Off” is a cookery competition while reality skein “A Farmer’s Life for Me” highlights nine couples quitting the rat race to test their farming skills as they compete to run their own farm.

Worldwide also announced that it has sold wish fulfilment show “Tonight’s the Night” to Norway (TV2) and Sweden (TV4).