LONDON — BBC’s docu strand “Storyville” and the Irish Film Board have inked a partnership for co-producing up to five docus in the two territories in the next year.

The collaboration, which will seek to increase docu co-production between Blighty and Ireland, aims to produce docus with financing from both parties: IFB will be a minority financier on several U.K.-led documentaries that will offer Irish talent key roles in the productions, while the BBC will also partner on a slew of Irish-led docus.

The partnership will build on previous successful docu co-productions between IFB and BBC “Storyville” such as Ian Palmer’s Irish fistfighting docu “Knuckle” and Liz Mermin’s racehorse docu “Horses.”

IFP production exec Alan Maher noted that the last four years have seen a “marked increase” in the local and international success of Irish feature docus.

“However, the industry needs to remain ambitious in terms of growing opportunities for both co-production finance and international opportunities for our key creative talent, and we believe this new partnership with ‘Storyville’ will achieve both of these aims,” he said.