Corey Reynolds (Sgt. David Gabriel)

Favorite episode: “It was an episode where a little girl was kidnapped, raped and murdered and my character took it really hard and crossed the line when interviewing the suspect to get the information from him. The crime was so heinous and the suspect such a monster that it was a question of ‘Is it wrong to beat someone like that to get what you need?’ ”

Favorite scene: “In season one there was a scene where Gabriel and Brenda are in her office looking at evidence and she says to him something like, ‘I know it’s not easy, you getting stuck in the middle,’ because at the time he was trying to appease her and appease the squad and appease Pope and everybody. He says to her, ‘It’s actually not that hard, because you do good work.’ It’s such a small moment, but it’s one of the first bonding, genuine moments shared between those characters.”

Favorite off-screen moment: “Kevin Bacon came in and directed an episode. His director’s chair said ‘Kevin Sedgwick.’ It was great to see him come in and kind of be humbled in that moment, but it was really funny and got a big laugh from the crew.”

G.W. Bailey (Lt. Provenza)

Favorite episode: “What we call the Skybox Tickets episode (“To Protect & to Serve,” season 2) where Tony Denison, who plays Flynn, and I find a dead body in my garage and leave it there in order to go to a Dodgers game, and when we come back the body of course is missing.”

Favorite scene: “It was a scene focusing on Sanchez, where his brother has been killed but he holds his emotions in to the very end of the piece when he finally breaks down in Provenza’s arms. It’s a very powerful moment — the kind Provenza doesn’t get to do a lot of, which I thought made it even more powerful.”

Favorite off-screen moment: “Almost every Friday night when we finish filming, we have a big party and out of those parties have come some quite extraordinary moments that I will absolutely not talk about under any circumstances.”

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