Argentine feevee tilts toward teens

RGB to launch Yups in November with games, music, series

Argentine producer RGB Entertainment will launch a teen-skewed cable feevee in November, the first in Latin America.

Yups will carry teen series produced by RGB and Cris Morena Group, partners on comedies like “Casi angeles” (Teen Angels) and “Alma pirata” (Pirate Soul) plus Cinderella-style novela “Floricienta.”

The schedule will include fiction, dating shows, gamers, talent contests, musicvideos and other programming secured through acquisitions or production deals, Dario Turovelzky, Yups’ head of programming said.

He said the teen focus will set it apart from the Disney Channel and MTV, which have been trying to cater to wider audiences. “There is a void for the 12- to 18-year-old target on Latin American cable television,” he said.

Yups will bow in northern countries of South America and expand next year across Latin America, he said.

The new network also will include an online service for viewers to develop their own content for the feevee, helping to build buzz and loyalty among the hard-to-nail-down age group. Viewers can learn to make short films and submit scripts for the site and screen, with oversight by a production committee.