3 unscripted skeins head to Nat Geo

New orders first for topper David Lyle

The National Geographic Channel has greenlit three new unscripted series, with a focus on American explorations. The new orders are the first under recently installed topper David Lyle, who took the reins last month.

Nat Geo has placed a 13-episode order for “Goldfather,” an hourlong set in Alaska among a family of modern-day prospectors, who search their 10,000-acre property for literal buried treasure. Show, appropriately, is produced by Prospector Prods.

The net has also ordered 10 and six segs, respectively, of Stick Figure’s “American Gypsies” and Flight 33’s “Navajo Cops,” both of which focus on underexamined ethnic communities in the U.S. “Gypsies” focuses on a Roma family living in Manhattan, “Cops” on the local police force in the Navajo sector of the Southwest.

Both companies have done recent work for Nat Geo — Flight 33’s “Rocket City Rednecks” bows Sept. 28, while Stick Figure produced last year’s specials on the Amish.

“Instead of being dependent on the ones and twos, we’d like to be able to have multiple episodes following people who live in worlds we can really open the door on,” Lyle said. Company is looking for more multi-seg buys in the near future, with an eye toward shows that will be able to run for several seasons, as opposed to big one-shot specials.