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Bleeping the F-bomb has been made easier by tech provider Visual Data Media Services. Company has unveiled Profanity Checker, a software that automates the deletion of words and phrases deemed profane by the FCC. The service makes it easier for content providers to government fines and community disapproval. Profanity Checker comes enabled with a built-in list of words that are considered verboten; clients may add words to their systems. “The process is very streamlined,” said VDMS prexy John Trautman. “We can perform checks on entire libraries to assure our clients they cannot be fined by the FCC.”

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“The Little Mermaid” as told by Hans Christian Andersen and illustrated by Lisbeth Zwerger is set for release on the iPad on Feb. 25 by kids’ books Auryn Inc. A hybrid of print and video, the app is designed to subtle ripples that will make children feel and sound like they’re reading the story underwater, and interactive fish that guide readers from one page to the next. “We wanted to make a splash with this app and enhance the reading experience,” said Auryn topper Umesh Shukla. “The sophisticated interactivity and immersive sounds are meant to create a mood.” App is available for 99 cents.