Selleck is Gotham’s finest in ‘Blue’

Actor needed convincing to take the role

It’s impossible to imagine “Blue Bloods” without the commanding presence of Tom Selleck.

Producers certainly couldn’t, which is why they doggedly pursued the actor to play New York City police commissioner Frank Reagan, even though he had little interest in returning to the series beat. “I worked about 90 hours a week on ‘Magnum,’?” says Selleck of his iconic ’80s role. “So I had concerns about what this was going to do to my personal life.”

Ultimately, Selleck struck a deal for the New York-based show that allowed him to spend half of each month at his West Coast ranch with his wife, Jillie Mack — and both CBS’ character-driven cop drama and its fans benefited.

As the duty-driven man who watches over his family and Gotham with equal devotion, Selleck delivered one of the season’s most soulfully subtle performances.

Admittedly, it wasn’t always easy.

“The audience can see that he has the weight of the world on his shoulders, but the people under his command can’t,” Selleck says of his role’s biggest challenge. “The windows into a character like this are very small.”

Which is why he exhibits true blue dedication in every detail, from the type of gun his character carries to the clothes he wears, which reflect and reinforce the traditional nature of the Reagan patriarch. Hence, all those three-piece Ralph Lauren suits and red and blue ties.

“Our costumer said, ‘Isn’t that going to get a little repetitious?’?” remembers Selleck, before adding with a laugh, “I said, ‘No. They’ll be different red and blue ties.’?”

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