Scott not afraid to get silly

Actor admires talent on 'Parks'

Adam Scott recognizes the ridiculous.

“I have an earpiece in right now,” he says during this inteview. “I’m walking around in circles at the airport talking about my career and just looking like a douchebag.”

Luckily, he’s not afraid to look ridiculous on TV. Though in the case of his “Parks and Recreation” character, Ben Wyatt, it’s less douchebag and more awkward — especially when it comes to love scenes with Leslie (Amy Poehler).

“When you think of Ben and Leslie you don’t exactly think sexy,” he says. “They’re both terrible at being funny, which makes them perfect for each other.”

But moments with Leslie are some of Scott’s favorites.

“I loved when Ron (Nick Offerman) was just sitting as he played a voicemail of Ben and Leslie talking dirty to each other,” he says. “Nick just sits there, not saying a word.”

Offerman was present when Scott auditioned for “Parks and Rec” years ago, before characters were even concrete. Unfortunately, Scott wasn’t terribly funny at the audition.

“When you blow an audition that you have a lot of importance on, it haunts you for years,” he says. “That was one of those auditions.”

Luckily, a turn on Starz’s short-lived “Party Down” caught eyes. Now? “I work from a place of embarrassment and fear,” Scott jokes.

“Parks and Rec” is a cast full of improvisers. Scott tries, and is sometimes successful.

“There’s a moment when Aziz (Ansari) asks me about ‘Lord of the Rings,’ and I said I wasn’t a fan of Peter Jackson’s interpretation,” he says. “When we did it, I thought, ‘That wasn’t particularly funny.’ But it made it on the show.”

That’s what’s important, that he tries. “The people I work with are way better than I am,” Scott says. “I finagle my way through a scene and they make me look good.”

That doesn’t sound like a douchebag at all.

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