Enos’ actions are silent moments

Detective on 'The Killing' revels in the quiet times

Mireille Enos’ homicide detective on AMC’s “The Killing” doesn’t say a lot, a perfect fit for the show’s brooding, meditative tone.

Investigating the murder of a Seattle high school girl, Enos’ Sarah Linden displays a dogged commitment devoid of niceties. She’s so quiet, it’s spooky.

“You’re told as an actor that as long as you’re thinking, that’s enough because the camera will do the work for you,” Enos says. “Playing this girl has been an exercise in trusting that. She’s not given words. It’s all in her brain. So I’ve had to make sure I show up every day knowing what my point-of-view is at every moment. And just be alive. It’s been exciting.”

Enos came to “The Killing” fresh off the end of her run on HBO’s “Big Love,” where she played poker-faced twin sisters Kathy and JoDean Marquart. Much like the acclaimed Danish series upon which it’s based, the deliberately paced “The Killing” has won critical raves and strong ratings, substantially boosting the 35-year-old Enos’ profile.

“So many shows in the crime genre are really condensed because there’s a new case every week,” Enos says. “To have a series where the entire season is just one crime gives you so much time. And it takes its time.”

“I think audiences are hungry for shows like this,” Enos continues, “where the victims aren’t just nameless faces and plot points. It’s been gratifying seeing that when you slow down and let the audience invest in the actual tragedy of the even, they will totally show up and watch.”

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