No strings attached to ‘Dumbstruck’

Puppet docu preems at Egyptian

The Egyptian Theater had nearly as many puppets as people in attendance for the April 12 preem of “Dumbstruck.”

There was even puppet karaoke at the Pig & Whistle afterparty.

Strange, indeed. But it made perfect party sense considering that the Truly Indie and Magnolia docu is all about the secret life of ventriloquists. And as the pic makes clear, puppets often say what their masters never would.

Director Mark Goffman revealed that he if he actually had a puppet it would be “some kind of wolf,” as well as “the meanest, most rotten puppet in history.”

Guest Nathan Cordrry echoed the role-reversal sentiment: “I’m very outgoing, so my puppet would be introverted and shy, a nerd.”