I Have a Dream Foundation host Amy Brenneman shared that the kids, aka “dreamers,” were a little bit more excited to see presenter Samuel L. Jackson than her. “I don’t know. I can handle it. I’m just saying, he’s a really, really big deal,” Brenneman told the crowd at the 13th annual Dream Keeper Awards, held Sunday at WeHo’s House of Blues.

Jackson presented his golfing buddy Earl E. Gales Jr. with his Dream Keeper kudo and praised his generosity. “When I needed money to wash my car or gas in my car or I needed money for lunch, he would purposely lose the golf game and give me enough money so I could take care of those things,” Jackson joked.

Steven Spielberg was unable to attend to present Michael Wright his award, but sent a video message from his freezing office in a nondescript location.

The TBS, TNT and TCM exec forewarned the aud that he was just getting over a bout of pneumonia. “In case I take a little pause, I promise you, it is not a pretentious dramatic moment,” Wright said, then paused. “Well, it might be.”