Canucks took over the poolside area of the Avalon Hotel, while cautiously navigating around the pool to mingle.

“I don’t want to be the first to fall in,” remarked a guest. “I don’t mind being the second.”

The Canadian Film Center hosted the Mar. 9 reception to support the Telefilm Canada Features Comedy Lab, chaired by Eugene Levy, taking place at the Avalon in Beverly Hills.

“We’ve got the longest undefended border in the world,” Center founder Norman Jewison proudly told the crowd.

Levy then took the mic to get a few things off his chest. “Despite what you’ve all been reading about me in the tabloids over the last few weeks, I just want you to know I am not that guy,” he began. “I’m not a party animal. You know the obvious comparisons with me and Charlie Sheen have come up over the last couple of weeks. I’ve got to be honest. I’m getting really tired of it. The only thing we have in common — the two of us I think we’re remarkably brilliant actors, but that’s where it ends.”