The cast and creators of AMC’s upcoming Western series “Hell on Wheels” looked dapper at Thursday’s Regal L.A. Live preem, a far cry from their muddy filming experience in Calgary, Alberta.

“Nobody ever said filming a Western is a clean business,” said Anson Mount, who plays the lead. “I can show you the rings in my bathtub to prove it.”

But the production had its pluses. “It provided us a great time when we were off work,” Common said. “To be together, have cool places to go to, it felt like college.”

At the Union Station Harvey House after-party, exec producer Jeremy Gold said he’s crossing his fingers that the creation of brothers Joe and Tony Gayton will have a second season. And so was Phil Burke, whose character has yet to wield firearms.

“I need to talk to people about that,” Burke said. “If the showbiz gods are willing, season two, I’ll get some guns and perhaps a horse, maybe two horses. In fact, I think I can ride in tandem on two horses.” –