When HBO’s Michael Lombardo and Richard Plepler first viewed Jerry Weintraub’s docu “His Way,” they told him it was fabulous.

“Guys, it’s my life. Of course it’s fantastic,” replied Weintraub.

HBO preemed the docu on March 22 at Paramount, and before the screening, Weintraub got on stage to say a few words, promising that he wouldn’t be long because, “I need vodka really badly and we can’t get it until we get out of here.”

Plepler called the event “Jerry Weintraub’s second bar mitzvah.”

Andy Garcia, Bruce Willis, Sidney Poitier and other guests piled into a tent next door to the Paramount Theater as songs by Weintraub’s former clients, like Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley, played.

“I thought it was a lovely tribute, I thought it was very honest, and I thought it portrayed Jerry as who he is,” Garcia said of the docu. “Anybody who you tell the stories to would say, ‘No, no. C’mon, that’s not true.’ No they’re true. Those are the stories.”