Nine of the cut-ups featured on Variety’s annual 10 Comics to Watch list attended the Just for Laughs confab in Montreal, where “Bridesmaids” director Paul Feig and “Modern Family” co-creator Steven Levitan were among the industry crowd to congratulate them at the Thursday evening cocktail party sponsored by partners at Cohen & Gardner. (The 10th, Rebel Wilson, was making good on her one-to-watch status by shooting a role opposite Chris Colfer back in the States.)

By Friday afternoon, the number had dwindled to eight, as Chris D’Elia battled food poisoning. D’Elia’s absence gave his peers slightly more time to try upstaging one another during the unruly 10 Comics to Watch: Uncensored panel, which offered auds a taste of the up-and-comers’ individual comedy styles.

Recognizing that he was the oldest of the group, Tim Minchin (or “Papa Minchin,” as Pete Holmes sarcastically dubbed the 35-year-old musical comic) surveyed his wise-cracking cohorts and came back with, “Statistically speaking, two of you will be dead by the time you reach my age, so have some respect!”