Honoree Amy Poehler got a lot of love at Saturday’s Variety Power of Comedy Presented by “The Sims 3,” with much of that love coming from “SNL” castmates and alums.

Maya Rudolph even serenaded Poehler with a love ballad from “the always tasteful and utterly brilliant lyricist Mr. R. Kelly.”

“Dictionary.com defines ‘Amy Poehler’ as ‘results not found,’ ” Tina Fey said in a videotaped message. “I take that as a testament to your uniqueness.”

Of the Power of Comedy Award itself, a kudo now in its second year, Seth Meyers remarked, “It’s an award she’s long aspired to win. I remember even from our first season, she would say, ‘One day I’m going to win a Variety Power of Comedy Award, and when I do I’m not going to take any shit from anyone.'”

Host Andy Richter said the power of comedy is “similar to the power of playing guitar in that it helps unattractive people have sex.”

The Hollywood Palladium event, which was sponsored by “The Sims 3” and E!, raised $200,000, with all proceeds from ticket sales going to the Noreen Fraser Foundation and its work with breast cancer research.

“One of my family members was affected by something that’s brought us all here tonight,” shared comedian T.J. Miller. “My aunt Janice loves ‘The Sims 3!'”

Will Ferrell, Sarah Silverman, Ian Roberts, Nick Kroll, Rob Riggle, Adam Pally, Casey Wilson and Will Arnett were among those who performed. Poehler commented, “It’s not a competition tonight, but I do feel Nick Kroll won.” Regarding her honor, she said, “The Variety Power of Comedy award has a long and prestigious history dating back to 2010. I’m the first woman to win. We’re really breaking down some barriers tonight, ladies. I can see the headline in Variety now: ‘Lady gets something, while new ‘Twilight’ pic scores $135 mil for Summit prexy.'”