Spike TV’s 2011 Video Game Awards, held Saturday on the Sony lot, honored not only the games’ creators but the characters within them. Host Zachary Levi was joined onstage by the stars of the games — a treat for those at home but a leap of faith for those in the aud who had to make due sans the vfx. “The augmented reality was a big risk because Zach had to interact with things that aren’t there,” said exec producer Casey Patterson.

Definitely seen onstage live were Brooklyn Decker, LL Cool J, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice, Jason Biggs, Seann William Scott, Will.i.am and Charlie Sheen, who admitted to being a novice in the world of vidgames but not in other matters. “Will there be chicks? OK, I’m in,” he said.

Winners were confronted by fully armed soldiers who threatened to “teabag”‘ anyone whose speech ran long. “Everyone had a gracious humor about it,” said exec producer Mark Burnett. “I’ve been looking out to make sure they are not going to visit me.”