Showtime for Army/Navy

'Honor' doc preemed Monday at MoMA

Beribboned dress uniforms and unimaginably thick necks were de rigueur at the Museum of Modern Art for Monday’s preem of “A Game of Honor,” Showtime’s new doc about the annual Army/Navy football game.

Since that game took place Dec. 10, helmer Pete Radovich said the final cut of the film was ready only hours before the screening. “I changed into my suit in the editing room and came right here,” he said, his hair unkempt.

Radovich and co-producer Steve Karasik conceived of the doc at the Master’s golf tournament. Karasik said that one of the pluses for the CBS team was simple business, explaining, “It’s our game, after all. We air it on CBS every year.”

After the screening, CBS Sports’ Sean McManus sounded awestruck. “I thought they were going to get archival footage about how great the Army/Navy game was,” he told the MoMA crowd. “If this was done by HBO, with those kind of production values, it would have cost millions. You guys didn’t spend millions, did you?”