The cast of Fox’s “New Girl” invited their Angeleno friends over to the Smog Shoppe in Culver City Wednesday for an outdoor party that featured a screening of the new series as well as a few rounds of karaoke.

Skein follows Zooey Deschanel as she moves in with three men. The subject matter had the series thesps reflecting on the debate — who’s easier to live with, boys or girls?

Hannah Simone described living with girls as a “drama-filled experience … I’ve never lived with a guy friend, but anytime I spend around guys, it’s always so much more relaxed and easy-going!”

Deschanel remarked that she’d “lucked out” with her past roommates, but that when it comes to her friendships, “I get something different from having friends from both genders.”

Writer and exec producer Liz Meriwether, though, has dealt with her share of roomie drama: “I lived with two girls who stopped speaking to each other, and would only speak through me. One of them was allergic to dogs, and the other brought a dog home as a passive-aggressive attack. Guys are a little more direct. Guys would be like ‘Get the fucking dog out!’ “