Comedy Central inaugural awards bring on the laughs

Basic cable leave profanity on the table

Saturday’s inaugural Comedy Awards at the Hammersmith Ballroom drew some jibes from attendees including Alec Baldwin who said of the kudofest: “Comedy is worthy of its own award show especially given all the other award shows honoring such lesser art forms … movies, music, theater.”

Since this wasn’t broadcast live (Comedy Central will air it next month), the profanity flowed. “Isn’t it fun to curse?” asked Bruce Willis, before letting out a handful of f-bombs.

Speeches ran the gamut from Icon award honoree Eddie Murphy’s: “This is the kind of thing you give to an old guy. This is an old man award” to “Date Night’s” Tina Fey, who said, “Thank you so much for knowing that I would show up.”

Stephen Colbert interrupted Jon Stewart’s speech with a rebel cry: “I accept this award for every person whose soul has been crushed by Jon Stewart. I accept this for Bill Maher, I accept this for Jimmy Kimmel … if they can do it in Egypt we can do it here.” David Letterman received the Johnny Carson kudo and interjected a serious note saying, “Giving me this award is equivalent to NASA giving the Neil Armstrong award to Balloon Boy. I owe the man everything.”