A motley crew of celebs including Larry King, Snoop Dogg and Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino gathered Mar. 9 at the Hammerstein Ballroom for Donald Trump’s Comedy Central Roast.

Roast master Seth MacFarlane set the tone for the evening during his opening monologue: “Let’s get started making one more piece of garbage with Donald Trump’s name on it.”

Lisa Lampanelli continued the verbal battery telling Trump, “You’ve ruined more models’ lives than bulimia and you’ve disappointed more women than ‘Sex and the City 2’!”

When Sorrentino’s comedic timing fell flat and audience members started to boo, fellow roaster Jeff Ross felt compelled to jump up and join the “Jersey Shore” star at the podium to help him finish. Ross later told The Donald that “Comedy Central wanted to roast someone more likable, but Bernie Madoff was busy.”

Trump defended himself, saying, “The amount of money they paid me to do this ridiculously crazy thing that I’m doing tonight, honestly it was worth it. It’s all going to charity.”